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Tummy Tuck Can Provide That Final Touch

It takes dedication and determination to lose a large amount of weight. However, people who have lost a lot of weight either through strict diet and exercise or bariatric surgery are left with sagging skin and loose abdominal muscles. To correct these issues, I recommend a tummy tuck to my Chicago patients.

How It Helps

Tummy tuck surgery is extremely effective in restoring a flat, firm torso after pregnancy or weight loss. The procedure can be modified to achieve various levels of improvement so that many types of patients can benefit. I typically suggest a tummy tuck for my patients who want to accomplish the following:

  • Restore abdominal tone
  • Improve body contour
  • Flatten and firm the abdomen
  • Slim the waistline
  • Remove extra fat, skin or tissue from around the belly button.

What to Expect

I perform tummy tuck surgery using either general or regional anesthesia, so my patients are completely comfortable throughout their procedure. The incision is made very low on the abdominal wall, so the scar can be concealed by undergarments or bikinis. In addition to removing all excess skin and subcutaneous tissue, any post-pregnancy or post-weight loss looseness in the abdominal muscles is corrected.

You should expect to be back to work within 2 weeks following surgery, but heavy exercise should be avoided for up to 6 weeks. Once your body has healed, you’ll see that your abdomen is flatter and smoother without sagging skin. Your results should last as long as you maintain your weight and keep your activity level up.

Dr. Sandeep Jejurikar

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