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Breast Augmentation

Women looking for a breast augmentation specialist in the Naperville area choose Dr. Sandeep Jejurikar, a board-certified, dual fellowship-trained plastic surgeon in Downers Grove. Women trust Dr. Jejurikar to create beautiful, natural-looking results. Because the breast enlargement process involves many important decisions, choosing an experienced plastic surgeon is essential. This is why so many patients across Illinois choose Dr. Jejurikar for their breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation
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Breast Augmentation Considerations

Prior to your breast augmentation, you will have several important decisions to make. During your consultation, Dr. Jejurikar helps you understand your options for breast implants and surgical technique, which include the following:

  • Type of breast implants. Breast augmentation patients may choose either silicone gel or saline implants. Silicone implants are made of gel that looks and feels a lot like natural breast tissue. Saline implants are filled with a sterile salt water solution which, should the implant leak or rupture, is harmlessly absorbed by your body. Dr. Jejurikar will take the time to review all options in detail during your consultation.
  • Breast implant sizes. Even though this procedure is intended to make breasts larger, they should still look natural and be balanced with the rest of your figure.
  • Placement of the implant. Depending on the desired look, the type of implant, and personal anatomy, implants can be placed either above or underneath the pectoral muscle.
  • Incision location. Incisions can be made underneath the breast (inframammary), in the armpit (transaxillary), or around the nipple (periareolar). Dr. Jejurikar will plan surgery to minimize the appearance of scarring.

Many women choose breast augmentation as part of their mommy makeover. This personalized combination of procedures often includes a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Dr. Sandeep Jejurikar

Dr. Sandeep Jejurikar

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sandeep Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is committed to helping you look and feel your very best.

Meet Dr. Jejurikar

Crisalix 3-D Imaging: See the Possibilities

You can preview the potential results of your breast augmentation—with different implant sizes and placement options—using Crisalix 3‐D imaging. Dr. Jejurikar offers his patients this opportunity to help them visualize what their breasts may look like. Seeing a 3‐D image can often help women make decisions about their breast augmentation procedure and give them peace of mind about the choices they make. You can also get input from friends or family by sharing the 3‐D images online with them.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Jejurikar develops direct relationships with his patients so, as you prepare for surgery, you will be meeting one-on-one with him, not just with a nurse or practice manager. He takes the time to ensure that all of your questions are answered well before the day of surgery.

Breast enlargement is most frequently performed under general anesthesia, although IV sedation is also an option. The surgical plan that has been discussed and established with Dr. Jejurikar will determine how he performs the procedure—from the type of implant to the location of the incisions and placement of the implant. Some women choose to combine their breast augmentation with a breast lift to improve both the overall size and the position and shape of their breasts. Dr. Jejurikar may also perform fat grafting, also called fat transfer, to enhance the breast augmentation results for his suburban Chicago patients.

Breast Augmentation Recovery & Results

After incisions have been closed, you will be sent home with instructions for a 24 to 48-hour recovery period. It is important to limit activity, especially lifting or upper body exercises, for several days after the initial recovery period as well. After a few weeks, swelling and soreness should fade away and normal activities may be resumed. In addition to increasing breast volume, breast enlargement also can improve the shape and contour of the breasts.

Dr. Jejurikar Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age restrictions for breast augmentation?

I have performed breast augmentation for women ranging from age 18 to 60+. Women who are at least 18 years old can choose saline-filled implants. Silicone gel-filled implants are approved for cosmetic use in women 22 or older and for reconstruction patients 18 and older.

Are breast implants safe?

Saline implants consist of a sterile saltwater solution (saline) in a silicone shell. The saline, the same as that used in IVs by hospitals, is safely absorbed by the body should a rupture ever occur. Furthermore, independent large multicenter studies have shown no correlation between silicone implants and serious health concerns.

Can breast augmentation make my breasts look even?

Breast asymmetry (breasts that have different sizes or shapes) is generally present in all patients. Even after breast augmentation surgery, some asymmetry might remain. Analysis of breast shape and size prior to surgery will help to determine if breast implants of differing sizes or projections will improve symmetry. Occasionally, a breast lift might also be required to improve symmetry.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery typically does not interfere with a woman’s ability to nurse. Studies have shown that breast implants pose no risk of contaminating breast milk. Certain technique and placement options may be preferable if you plan on having children and nursing. Discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon so that you will understand your options and set realistic expectations.

Which incision is best?

Whether under the armpit, beneath the breast, or along the border of the areola, each incision has its advantages for particular patients. Anatomy, future plans regarding breastfeeding, and individual preferences will help to determine which incision pattern Dr. Jejurikar recommends.

How do I know which type of implant is right for me?

Similar to which incision technique is best, the answer is based on your anatomy, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. The best breast implants for you may not be the best implants for another woman. Dr. Jejurikar will walk you through your choices.

To learn more about breast augmentation, you can request a free cosmetic consultation online or call Dr. Jejurikar’s office at (630) 960-0023 in Downers Grove, IL.

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