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Implants Keep Improving

Implants Keep Improving It’s an exciting time to be a plastic surgeon. Medical advances are resulting in procedures and devices that are both safer and more effective than ever. The new generation of breast implants is a perfect example. Women seeking breast augmentation throughout the Chicago area can choose from several implant options that have been proven safe during years of clinical trials.

Unlike traditional silicone-filled implants, the Natrelle® 410 is a highly cohesive anatomically shaped gel implant. Complications associated with ruptured implants leaking silicone typically don’t occur with the 410 because the cohesive gel retains its shape even if the exterior cracks. That’s why it was nicknamed the “gummy bear” implant. There are a number of other advantages offered by the Natrelle 410 implant.

Shape — Full at the bottom and tapered at the top, the Natrelle teardrop-shaped implant closely resembles a woman’s natural breast. Previous implants were round and, especially with an inexperienced surgeon, could result in breasts that didn’t look natural.

Sizes — Natrelle offers a wider selection of sizes than other implant manufacturers.

Fewer complications — Long-term studies show that cohesive-gel implants, including the Natrelle 410, are less likely to rupture, suffer from rippling, or harden because of a condition called capsular contracture.

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  • Kathryn Rockaitis says:

    Thank you Dr. Jejurikar for doing my do over reconstruction. I had severe radiation scarring and when I went to plastic surgeons I knew, they said they could not promise to take away the pain I was getting from the scarring or make my breasts symmetrical . Dr. Jejurikar did both. Love you Dr. J.

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