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The Right Age for Enhancing Your Breasts

Breast Augmentation Model in Black Bra

We tend to view aesthetic changes through the prism of age. For example, a common choice for a woman in her 20s is breast augmentation. When she reaches her 30s and has had a couple of children, she’s ready for a tummy tuck and breast lift — a mommy makeover. In her 40s and 50s, it’s time to turn back the clock with anti-aging facial treatments. It sounds logical. Except that when I see women considering breast augmentation at my practice serving Naperville, Barrington, and surrounding areas, many are in their 40s and 50s. What explains that?

Many Women Want to Improve the Appearance of Their Breasts

It seems that attitudes about aesthetic enhancement cut across generational lines, according to a 2015 survey from the popular online plastic surgery forum RealSelf. The survey showed similar interests among women across all age demographics. When it came to their breasts, more than 40% of women in their 20s and 30s weren’t satisfied with their appearance. Older women who felt the same way topped 30%.

Woman thinking about breast augmentation

Age Is Not a Limit

So what does this survey tell us? I’d say the message is that age doesn’t matter all that much when it comes to getting satisfying results from breast augmentation. In fact, that’s the message I communicate to my patients when they come in for a consultation and express worries that they’re too old for breast enhancement surgery.

Safety Is Key

There really is no such thing as an age limit for personal satisfaction. My primary concern when I consult with any patient is safety. The overall health of a potential patient is much more important than his or her birth date. Of course, age plays a role in my assessment. A woman in her 20s is less likely to need a breast lift than someone in her 50s, for instance, and older patients may have concerns about anesthesia, but women of any age are potential breast augmentation candidates.

I’ve seen patients across the age spectrum enjoy the confidence-boosting benefits of this transformative procedure. Visit my online photo gallery to see some of my actual patient results. If you think you might benefit, I encourage you to contact us online or over the phone at (630) 960-0023 to get more information. You can also request a consultation online and we would be happy to answer any questions you may still have.

Breast Augmentation Model Lying on Bed

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