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What Would Make You Choose a Surgeon?

Model in Black BraIf you’ve been considering a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation with a plastic surgeon near Downer’s Grove, IL, you’ve undoubtedly spent plenty of time researching the credentials of local surgeons. You might have even asked friends and family for recommendations — and a new study shows you’re not alone.

What Patients Are Looking For

Published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, the Dutch study evaluated the habits of 150 prospective plastic surgery patients. The majority of these men and women reported that a doctor’s experience was the most important factor when choosing a surgeon, and surgeons who had more than 10 years of experience were considered most favorable.

After a surgeon’s experience, the method of referral was the second most important factor. Study participants said that the recommendation of their general practitioner, family members, and friends carried the most weight.

Choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Woman thinking about a board-certified plastic surgeonAlthough a doctor who has been in practice for many years has experience on his or her side, it’s important to remember that board certification is another crucial qualification to look for when choosing a surgeon. A plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) has undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure that he or she is well prepared to practice the full spectrum of plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery.

A plastic surgeon’s biography page on his or her website should name any board certifications, which you can also confirm using the ABPS online tool.

Seeing Is Believing

Once you have verified that your potential surgeon is board certified and has extensive experience, the next step is to browse his or her gallery of before-and-after photos. These real patient results will give you an idea of what your surgeon is capable of, and will allow you to decide whether his or approach is right for the results you’re looking for.

I invite you to view my breast augmentation before-and-after photo gallery to see the results I’ve achieved.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation with a plastic surgeon in Downer’s Grove, IL, please contact us online or call (630) 960-0023 to request a consultation.

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