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Why a Skilled Reconstructive Surgeon Makes a Great Cosmetic Surgeon

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When looking for a plastic surgeon in Chicago, a quality you may want to carefully consider is a surgeon’s experience in reconstructive surgery. A reconstructive surgeon possesses technical skills honed by years of experience, the advanced medical education and training necessary to restore function, and an artistic eye to restore a natural appearance to any part of the human body.

Exceptional Training

A reconstructive surgeon has completed advanced education and training, acquiring the comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy necessary to restore various parts of the face and body. In addition to extensive training in plastic surgery, a reconstructive surgeon often has specialized training in complex techniques such as microsurgery, scar revision, hand surgery and breast reconstruction.


In addition to intricate and meticulous surgical skills, reconstructive surgery demands a high degree of artistic sensibility. The reconstructive surgeon restores function as well as a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance to features affected by trauma, congenital or developmental defects, tumors, or infection.

The additional training and qualifications of an accomplished reconstructive surgeon will also provide tremendous benefits to those seeking cosmetic enhancement.

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